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Come on Kitty

Come on Kitty

Come on Kitty



Disclaimers: It's a casual game. So, this will not be standard format, keeping in lite.
(I love animals, cute animals; so cats are cute, but so are dogs. Don't make me pick, I will hate human then)

TL;DR: I am in for the cats. And I got a lot of them like a cat hoarder! (Seriously, do not hoard cats IRL...) 2 Thumbs up for cuteness!

Graphics: 2 — "It sucks...from an artistic point of view. You look at the artstyle, the details, the colouring etc. it's all over the place." That's the same remark I get for drawing the same cat in the game from an art teacher in college. DO NOT DRAW THEM LIKE THAT IRL. You ain't going to sell that shit. This game sells because there are cat fanatics like me who think they are cute...XD
Sound: 2 — Seriously, it hurts my ears. Mute this game and you will find it appealing XD
Gameplay: 3 — Its origin dates back to old ancient Chinese history. It's not that innovative in gameplay wise, but they are fancy enough to make tons of peripherals so as to attract dumb and impulsive consumers like me to invest money in it XD
Storyline: N/A — I don't think "Gotta Catch'em all" sounds original, nor the absence of a real story can be used as a standard in defining it.
Value: 2 — It's an ancient game with a cat theme skin...with entrapments and ads everywhere to tempt you. Like a responsible Canadian Devil, it's just our way to make money! XD
Honest Review:
I got one thing to say: If you love all kinds of cats, even the very weird ones, this game is for you.
(They look really cute when they do weird stuffs!)

The original game is designed for kids and encourages creative problem solving within a set of rules and limitations. It's literally a sandbox, unlike Sudoku, that follows a strong set of logics and deductions, this game gives you the room to solve the puzzle in many ways (ofc, there always is a BEST solution).

Overall —
For cat lovers: 5 out of 5 (Pur-fect!)
For kids: 3 out of 5 (You can teach kids simple problem-solving skill with this, very simple ones)
On average: 2 out of 5 (definitely a meh...)
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