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Tiny Island Survival | Global

Tiny Island Survival | Global

Tiny Island Survival | Global

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really enjoyed until you fall asleep. lol



It's a good game to kill some time, but it's not for impatient people (as someone mentioned before). It's also not an idle game, so leaving and coming back after a while won't give you anything or change anything. You start by getting some wood, then stones, and then some ores. There are mobs that start spawning from the top of the island (you can defeat them by getting a sword), and they take some of the natural resources, so you have to wait some seconds for the resource to respawn. To stop them from getting those resources, you can build a fence, but after a while more powerful monsters spawn, and they break that fence, so you have to build a new one. The more you get closer to the spawning point of the monsters, the more upgrades your tools need to continue. You can upgrade them by getting some resources etc. You also start with 3 hearts (can upgrade with coins), and if you loose all of them it's game over apparently (if you don't watch and ad or smth). Tbh, I only played until you get to the top, then discover some shack, and then you go down towards somewhere (I only went to the point where the mobs changed from slimes to something else).

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