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Eclipse | Traditional Chinese

Eclipse | Traditional Chinese

Eclipse | Traditional Chinese

Akbar Kautsar


Okay, first this is gacha game but a pretty bad one at it. Gacha that provides shard with low chance to get hero. also there is no pvp element.
You need to spend much money to collect shard.
This game was released about 2 years ago and they didn't improve it at all.
At that time the rating was really poor
The game was named X2 back then

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Mandy Sue


I really like it but I cant get past the first boss(?) without the game crashing and making me start over.

ไม่เล่นนี้พลาดมาก บอกเลยว่า สุดอะเกมนี้ สนุกแบบว่าเพลิน มาก

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