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Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey



This game is so cute [害羞][害羞] Relaxing and entertaining [耍帥][耍帥]

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Короче, про графику, героев и геймплэй вы прочитаете в других отзывах. Я же скажу одно: будьте очень осторожны с лисом в магазине мебели. Он всегда сбрасывает цену рыбы в два раза. Не торопитесь отдавать ему весь улов. Возможно, на доске объявлений в здании с автоматом вы сможете заработать на рыбе больше.



Tsuki's Odyssey Graphics: All the characters, the objects, and the entire environment are hand-drawn style, they are very cute!By that I mean so cute that would make you want to smile, from the bottom of your heart. [色色] Sound: Calming and soothing background music, nothing else too complicated. Gameplay: Harvesting carrots, going out fishing, buying furniture to decorate your place, interacting with your friends in the village, or simply just watching Tsuki do its own thing. Storyline: The store is short and simple. It doesn’t affect the gameplay too much. Overall (TLDR): It’s a nice casual game with fine quality. It reminds me of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch a lot. The atmosphere is relaxing and gives you a sense of satisfaction decorating your treehouse. I have no idea why I would just sit there and watch Tsuki fishing and wait for it to catch a fish without losing patience. It’s not a game that you would spend too much time playing, but it is something that you would open for a while and tap here and there to chill out for relaxation.

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