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Flower's Contract

Flower's Contract

【無料BL】徒花の契り 和装ボーイズラブ/恋愛ゲーム



역시 갓갓 favary 무료게임치고 스토리 일러 정말 볼만하다
다만 캐릭터 중에 너무 심각하게 내 취향이 아니어서 공략하기 싫은 애가 있어서 고민

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This game was released in 2016 if I'm not mistaken... in English version. Brings a little memory of mine, so i thought of playing it over again. Gonna review this, I'll give it a go! Little Summary; Set in Edo Period Japan. Deep in Yoshiwara, where many men and women’s hearts are singed by transient love, lies the male-only brothel “Peony House.” Is seeing an escort, whose glamor women fall for and whose strength men admire, a one-night-only dream, or perhaps――? Woop. ‘Male-only brothel’ >.> now you see that... and yet you played as a male character in the game. Well it's definitely BL. Yes This is BL. Man×Man. Yaoi. OK. Graphics, Pretty good and nothing much. This is like the typical visual novels yea. The boys changes face expression. Boys all beautiful and handsome here, a plus Kenmochi-san the owner of the Peony. Love their CG as usual. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🌹 Sound, or no sound at all. So I'm giving a N/A. I don't hear any music bg or voices sadly. But it's fine for me cuz i use my music or any of my BL audios to listen while reading the game. No problemo haha. Gameplay, I don't know... but click to the story and read til your ticket ran out. There's more for tomorrow, it can replenish. Charms to progressing the story and might differ their result. Nothing much to do, this JP version still have the events going i suppose. You needed tickets to play them and of course the requirements is hard for me to reach. but i have my patients. Storyline, Plot pretty much lowkey to me. No, i like it. I'm surprised that the mc has a lover and i was like oh no why you go to a brothel.. but im not gonna elaborate more to that! It's BL ofc i read and it's very interesting. Relationship with Asagi, Matsukaze and little Kotoha♡ Very interesting romance indeed (◕દ◕) Don't forget this is in JP language. Very in love with the beautiful story as choose carefully for your choice of romance. Not to anger my beloved flower men. I still hated the idea of them giving the 'For Girls' filter. Guys can play it too right? No I'm not complaining, since it's already old. The World grows faster eh?

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