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Raid Masters

Raid Masters

Raid Masters

AlubisKun Top Contributor


Raid Masters

What I like:
The control is easy and the atmosphere is casual. The collection system makes you feel your character is really getting stronger, it’s very similar to Guardian Tales. And I think...that’s all lol.

What could be better:
For melee heroes, it’s really hard to dodge the enemy’s melee attack, but the ranged heroes are too weak. The combat is not very satisfying, including the visual effects, the sound, and the reactions of being attacked. You cannot really tell whether you hit them or not unless you focus on the damage popping out. Sometimes it forces you to use the skill even if you just want a normal attack. Super expensive in-game item compared to your gold gain.

In short, I don’t find this game particularly enjoyable. But if you wanna find a game for you and your friends to play together, this could be the one to try out.

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