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Arena of Valor | English

Arena of Valor | English

Arena of Valor | English




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Tracey Karpas


This game good. I like it very much. However, i dont like how asian moba police its players. Youre pissing me off. Some have bad conn. and u penalize them for it. Shameful. You follow along the policing guidelines of mobas made by fools. Whoever made those rules was in error from the beginning. You have no right to penalize anyone. Get out of our games. Get out of our business. And let us play. It is us that keeps u in business. The players. You aint God. You dont control us. We are sick of your unneccesary and useless and unfair rules. Games are not meant to be policed - you got that? Now cut it out.



Hello. Any moba's player should know this simple yet unforgiving rule: "There's no such thing as 'fun' when playing moba." You play. You win/lose. You repeat again. Unless you are a pro player, it is impossible to have fun in moba games. You are being competitive and must learn how to play on each battle you fought. Remember, it isn't about playing, but learning too. So, good luck and have a good game! (don't complaint too much, dev won't hear you out. just deal with it or leave it)

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