Artery Gear: Fusion | Simplified Chinese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Simplified Chinese

Artery Gear: Fusion | Simplified Chinese



일러 좋고 전투 퀄리티 좋고 보상 좋고 이벤트 난이도도 무난하고
가차도 그럭저럭 잘나오고 (특히 한돌이 필수가 아닌 한돌하면 지금보다 좀더 강해질 수 있는 느낌이라 한돌 안해도 충분히 키울수있을듯)

등급별로 스탯 차이가 나긴 하는데 도감보니까 별로 차이 안남

장비가 중요한 게임 같음 장비옵션 및 강화에 따라 낮은 희귀도도 강해짐.

리뷰 중에 4챕되면 힐 못따라간다는 영어리뷰 있던데,
sr힐러 하나로 무난히 깰 수있고 지금 6챕깨는중

그리고 쿨다운은 스킬 순서 설정할수도 있고 정 빡세면 수동으로 스킬 보면서 하면됨. (근데 6챕까지 힐량 딸린적은 없음)
그리고 전투설정에 공격, 힐기준도 설정가능(중알못ㅠ)

여러 강화,진급 재료도 무난하게 수급가능.
이벤트 교환도 전혀 안빡세서 무난하게 다 교환할듯.

컨텐츠별로 광역 단일 속성 필요해서 나눠서 키울 보람도 있고,
그렇다고 당장 그것들 아니면 당장 못깰 정도는 아니라 나중에 맞춰줘도 될 정도.


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Aisling Oharrigan


Bilibili and Accent have the same game, but Qooapp has the Accent game and you can only register for the game with a Chinese phone number with this version. So you will need to download the Bilibili version to play the game outside of China, unless you happen to have a Chinese friend to borrow a phone number from. Here's a guide to setting up a Bilibili account, pretty easy. For the CN ID, just look up China ID Generator, make sure you add the X after the string of numbers.

Setsuko Ohara


gameplay : it's a turn based strategy game, you control 4 characters to fight the enemies each character have 3 skills, included passive skills, the first skill is normal attack and do not have cooldown skill cooldown : the ugly part of the game. every active skills have cooldown, the cooldown reduce by 1 when the character who had used that skill act on their turn. Unfortunately, skill cooldown don't reduce on ally members turn. Example : character A has a 5 turns cooldown skill, when you use the skill it start its cooldown which is 5, that means you have to control character A 5 turns before you can use that skill again. This is ugly for for healers because their cooldown on healing skills are very high. Take 缇安特 for example she's an SR rank healer, her 2nd skill has 2 turns cooldown single target heal, her 3rd skill got 5 turns cooldown AOE heal. On EP 1-2 story you won't feel bothered by this as much but on EP 3-4 ? things start to get ugly, enemies always out damage your heal capacity, the low cooldown healing skills are always garbage and single target, you heal for 300 on one ally, 4 enemies attack your team and each of them deal 500-600 damage on their turn, you can survive one turn by using your best AOE healing skill but then what ? it goes on 5 turns cooldown, you can see what happens next, this example was taken on EP4 story with my LV 24 team and my heal was LV 25 with a RANK 4 upgrade. armor types : there are 4 types of armors in the game : BLUE / RED / GREEN and there are enemies who don't belong to any of these armor types i'll call them empty armor type RED is weak against BLUE BLUE is weak against GREEN GREEN is weak against RED exploiting armor weakness to increase hit rate and damage during battle, enemies with empty armor stay outside the advantage / disadvantage zone, you can use anything on them. battle mechanics : at the middle bottom of the screen there is a turn meter, it's pretty simple by the look at it, when a character / enemy avatar reach the right end of the meter, it's their turn to act. on the bottom right is your characters skill list where you select what skill you want to use on the left is the support button, when the support gauge is full you can call a support to assist you in battle the support team : you can set 3 supporters to assist you in battle they can do AOE dmg, provide ATK buff or shield buff etc. Gacha and character rarity lowest rarity is 2 stars highest rarity is 5 stars there are two kinds of gacha : regular gacha and elite gacha regular gacha do not have a featured character, you get random 5* characters there regular gacha do not have pity count and the 5* character rate is 2% by default, from the 50th pull onward, each pull will increase the 5* character rate by 2% (it's similar to arknights if you have played that game), once you get an 5* character the buff rate reset to 0. elite gacha got an featured character on it and the pity count is 110 and it also get 2% rate buff for every pull from the 50th pull onward like the regular banner. misc : there are supply missions where you can run them for money or exp fodder but you can run them only 2 times a day. there are boss farm missions to grind weapons, data missions to grind for character upgrade materials fleet is kinda like housing, you can collect money and exp fodder, change equipment options and send group dispatch there. LV is important in this game, you won't get EXP fodder easily in this game so use them wisely from EP4 onward the game become so much painful, enemies are too strong, your healer can't keep up with them, you don't have enough EXP fodder to train new characters, and i'm talking about normal difficult, i don't know what kind of masochist fest the hard mode would be but imagine about it gave me stomach ache. lastly, the game server is totally borked, i have had a lot of lag spike and disconnect. open beta gameplay part 1 and 2:

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