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Over Eclipse

Over Eclipse

Over Eclipse

Arya wiratama


if you okay with the graphic then this game is for you, not for me, not in a bad way it's just wwwwww meh xD

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If you're a fan of games with good graphics, I assure you it's not the game you want to play. But the story will hook you, I just hope they would make it globally just so I can understand the story behind it easily. I also played another game from the same publisher called GoetiaX, like I said it looks like a flash game but the story would intrigued you to play more specially for those people who are into the game story more than the graphics itself.

Dante Cotton


All I can say is, I have a gut feeling this game is going to fail from the start just by what I experienced in the first 15 min. Graphics: mediocre and outdated 3D. Sound: nothing special. The tracks sound like elevator music...forgettable. Gameplay: battles are boring with no particluar flair visually. Storyline: Obviously, after only playing for 30 min I can't say much, but the overall theme and setting of the game is just too bland for my personal preference...to each his/her own I guess. Value: The game features a fragment system for character summoning. I HATE FRAGMENT SYSTEMS! I never play games with this feature longer than about a week at most before I just lose motivation to play the game. As someone who likes to play mobile gatcha games to collect unique and interesting characters with great design concepts, fragment systems ruin this for me. I don't want 15 fragments of a random character each time I save game currency to draw for something. It's a cheap development tactic designed to get players to immediately feel the urge to spend real money out of pure frustration, which I will not do. Oh, not to mention the game requires 3,000 gems per multi which is crazy considering you are only getting character frags.. Overall: Due to all this games cons, I am uninstalling right after this rating and I can't recommend this game to anyone, much less gacha enthusiasts as you'll likely be frustrated right out the gate.

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