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Shadowverse | Japanese

Shadowverse | Japanese

Shadowverse | Japanese

Tzeo Arudaloo


Happy 3rd year Anniversary!
What can I say, it's a real roller coaster with it's ups and down. Wonderland Dream is by far Shadowverse's worst expansion ever, a total nightmare and Steel Rebellion is the best expansion so far in my experience.
I never imagined this game would last this long when it first launched and I'm proud to have stuck with it.
This game is just gonna get better and better, inspired by Magic the Gathering and took its cues from Hearthstone. I can definitely see this game last up to 10years or more.
Easy on F2P players with its massive amount of freebies and by far the richest of jp voice cast members ever. I can really feel their love and passion for this game. If you're reading this now, why not give this game a try if you're new or give it another chance if you're a returning player.

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интересно я один скачиваю из-за коллаба с лов лайв



For sure this game is actually amazing but there are some issues like a weird storyline and alot of downloads to do...but besides these...The music is good, the graphics are GODLY and this game is for sure one of my favorites...i just got a question- Why is there no Best Boy in the new update?

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