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This game is well worth the wait. The story is what surprised me, I thought it was going to be like arknights (sorry, I don't really like the story of arknights) but this one is far more better. At first, it's like Madoka Magica mix with Closers because of the vibe, then it's like arknights, then it gets better at act 2. The lack of male characters is visible, but the ones in the story are awesome (Codename: Smart Guy is one awesome dude). Last time I was so into a game for the story is Magia Record...yes, for me Magia Record has better story than the likes of Genshin, E7, and Kings Raid. Ok, that's the story, now let's talk about the positive and negative.

+ Story, obviously...
+ Gameplay is like Battle Cats and Cartoon Wars (Gamevil), but with more room for strategizing...so more complex
+ Amazing 2D arts, equipped with live2d lobby which is always a plus
+ Lot's of content and lores to explore
+ Not too P2W since in order to limit break characters you don't necessarily need a duplicate. You can use farmable universal frags
+ Amazing soundtrack
+ Stamina is not a problem at the moment
+ Able to resume battle if your game crashed/disconnected
+ Packs are reasonable and worth it if you plan on spending it. Like King's Raid and Epic Seven

#Decent gacha rate, system is like Epic Seven so single draws are like 10 draws (no bonus like most gacha)
#Gold can be a problem...you played Epic Seven? It's more or less the same here...
#Gear can be a deciding factor in pvp, farming it is difficult...like Epic Seven...did they research Epic Seven?

- John Mason aka Smart Guy is not playable...yet... probably
- ...Huh, I can't think of anything that will deter myself from playing...oh, the initial loading time is somewhat long, but that's it, once you're in the game it's very smooth
- ... hmmm hold on...gold...gems...well gems is somewhat hard...no actually not...well I can't think of anything else. There has to be other negative, please check what others think about this game

Overall, it's a very good Sub-Main Game (well Main Game if you're not playing heavy games like Genshin, Guardian Tales and Langrisser M) that's well worth your time and probably investment. Zlonggames are rather safe since Langrisser M is still up and running. So have fun~

You know, I hope they collab with Closers... I'd be really happy if Seulbi Lee is playable here~

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[[OBT]] Q :What kind of game is this A :Unit deploy straight lane tower defense RPG (like line rangers, stick war, etc but personally i think this is better with an actual big brain needed) with some azur lane field-like stage type where you move your carriage to start a battle (Pve only and very mportant) Q :How is the ui A :It is becoming pretty good, i can see the potential of it by now Q : How is the voice acting A : I dont speak korean, but the VAs are amazing in my opinion, pretty much natural. I'd love to hear more! Q : How is the graphic A : One of the best out there (The overall design(?) are very close to closers) Q : How is the gacha rate A : 0/30 x 10 reroll for the first time recruitment, with 1 SSR unit each reroll . The gacha ratrs arent that bad (around 2%) Q : Do you need duplicate character to make your unit stronger "Spesifically" ? A : Specific, no. But you can also ascend a units with dupes. Also, you can deploy dupes on another team Q : How is the overall sound A : Nice, give applause to the bgm team 👏👏 (not sarcastic) Q : How is the currency A : The "gems" currency not only used as gacha, still can't say about the currency. There is a value which can be gotten only by paid with real money, used for buying some skins, in game currency, and gems Overall i will give it 8/10 , worth to play Also , for units there are : -Tiddies -Petites -Lolis -Armies -Tanks -Helicopters -Drones -Males -Shotas -Daddies -Stronghold hyung-nim [開心]



Counter:Side is really what you get when you combine a bunch of features from other gacha games, then (instead of copying fully) improve them really well. That said, this game shares a number of aspects with many good PvP and PvE games like Girls' Frontline, Azur Lane, Epic Seven, and Arknights among many more. So it might feel quite daunting to adjust to for the people new to the gacha game genre. However, it doesn't mean you won't enjoy it. The game has full repeat auto, and battle skip. Heck it knows that people normally leave their phones alone during full auto so they added a powersaver feature while doing your auto. The game relies on good team building, but unlike stingy games, if you start now, they actually give you so many chances to make your dream team. They even give out SSR SELECTION Tickets which is basically just handing out the SSR at this point. Monetization-wise, you can think of this as epic seven. Very playable as an f2p, but has quite the amount of stuff you can spend on. High rank PvP is of course pay to win, like any gacha game. However, if you simply want to get PvP currency, getting in high rank does not matter as much (since you can go purely Strategic PvP where you can select easy to beat enemies). High rank pvp is more of a flex (but a very fun one at that) than having any gamechanging rewards, thankfully. Storywise, I think it's pretty interesting, under the apocalypse-esque setting. It's a take on how soldiers are disposable and how all these things happening are simply, "business". A lot of characters in the game are in Live2D (L2D) (yes, even the store AIs). Notice how in some games, you can put 1 unit on your homescreen? This game allows 5 and they can all be in L2D. For the veterans of gacha gaming, this one is pretty deceptively good. This would normally miss many people's radars (because for some reason KR games aren't as famous as JP games) but if you do stumble across it (which is likely why you're reading this review), I think you'll have a bit of fun just like I do. I highly suggest you to at least try this game out. This gem deserves at least that.

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