My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT | Japanese

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT | Japanese

My Hero Academia ULTRA IMPACT | Japanese



the re rolling system is top notch.
gameplay can get a bit borimg tho, but all together is a pretty enjoyable game so i definitely recommend it.

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Okay everyone, Im informing all and any of you saying that it wont open, loads so long, etc. Im reminding you that this is just the pre-download of the game. Meaning we have to wait days to get the official or global release. Please be patient, The game will surely come out any sooner i know it. So when its officially released, Then you can firstly enjoy and play the game as you installed it early.



VPN Recommendations: For free VPNs, try VPN Japan, Open VPN (for Android) or Solo VPN. If you got some money to spare then go for the main VPNs like Express VPN. For a fast but has like limited tries and time a day for free users, try Fly VPN, for at least the data download at the start. Now, on to the actual game review. Graphics: The art and illustrations are amazing but the 3D models are kinda meh. Like, some are good and some are bad, which is kinda disappointing for such a popular IP and a triple A game developer. Sound: Not much variety of bgm. Kinda annoying after a while, especially when you're doing story quests. Gameplay: For a gacha raising sims game, pretty good. Got some well-made mechanics, though I hate the limited tries on the daily quests but understandable since you'll just immediately max out your units if it there wasn't any. Storyline: It's BNHA. For someone who doesn't know, it's your typical shounen anime or manga about superheroes in a High School setting. It's not the best shounen but it's still a good one. Value: Overall, it's a pretty good gacha game. I've played multiple gacha raising sims before, and this is basically a typical standard type of gacha. The UI style for the Home Screen tho is so common in gacha games that it's kinda meh but still okay. The game is pretty typical but def would recommend for gacha players even if you don't know the IP source. Also, there's a reroll system so no more convoluted way of rerolling for the game. Just click the white button I think in the tutorial gacha.

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