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Pogo Pets

Pogo Pets

Pogo Pets

AlubisKun Top Contributor


Pogo Pets

What I like:
Very cute animal figures and there are so many different cosmetics for you to customize. It’s not so hard to collect the coins and that makes the craft easier. Most importantly, as a casual game it has no ads!Isn’t it great that there are no ads interrupting your mood when you just want to casually play a game to relax?The controls are also easy, but need some subtle movements on specific levels.

What could be better:
It would be great if it incorporates a little bit of storytelling. Sometimes the way it determines if the animal touches the pads or lands on the enemies is weird.

It’s a cute casual game that you may find pleasant to play with.

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Kela _


[害羞] aaaa. i love it. the fact there are no ads is just beautiful

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