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Ax Eex


i find it funny my old handphone could download it in playstore as it say available but my new phone i try to download, the google play store say not available iny country.[睡覺][睡覺][為什麼]

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Nedward Clark


After a some hours of updates I was able to launch the game. Loadings are DEADLY-long - a sort of crime! Be patient. During a 2nd song (BABYMETAL "Gimme Chocolate!!") an error appeared twice...as result - rebooting the game! Anyway - playable on Huawei HONOR 9x, very fun and enjoyable! P.S. I would see more catchy songs, pls)

Frederic P.


I used to play Jubeat in Japan arcade center. I really love the game play. it's smooth, has great songs. Konami did released a jubeat Mobile game few years before but it got shutdown. I'm happy that they made an other jubeat game. Maybe Japan has new arcade Jubeat ? if you like rhythm game, this one is definitely for you !

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