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Eden's Door | Japanese

Eden's Door | Japanese

Eden's Door | Japanese



遊戲進去 打完1-4 出來可以先領兩張單抽券
有時候單抽的機率比較高(然後都是卡片 ㄍ…

1-5是打一隻巨大機器人 打完後就會進入新手十抽
最高可以刷出兩張SSR卡 跟一隻SR角 (但是我沒看過同時出現的 (通常都是 兩張卡0角 或是1角 +藍紫卡 對不起 我臉黑 歐洲人可以無視這段話#)

分別為 長劍 細劍 雙刀

我個人比較推(長劍)開局 除了技能好用之外
該角色剋制主線1~2章的敵人 開局會輕鬆點

細劍的話 攻擊自帶位移 飄來飄去的 不習慣的話 開技容易打空

雙刀攻擊威力應該是算高 但是攻擊間隔有點長
所以攻擊打歪會很尬 (就是跳起來轉轉轉那個)

1-5新手十抽出來之後 還能在領兩張券 (抽抽抽#
接下來 一路打到1-10結束會開啟 素材關(角色經驗的)打到2-6好像是開武器經驗素材

基本上打到角色經驗素材關的時候 (任務過一過就能拿到10抽的鑽石了 (1620)
如果都沒抽到心儀的角色建議重刷 後面主線需要角色一定程度的練度才比較好推 如果想著 我繼續挖礦 來抽 那可能撐不了多久 (會被怪當沙包錘

關於角色等級還有武器升級的部分 就是農農農
需要打一堆關卡才升一點點的那種 可以等個消耗減半在一次刷滿 不然每天打個兩場拿加倍獎勵就行

基本上就講到這了 後面自己摸索比較有樂趣
關於遊戲性 角色香就行啦 玩膩了就跑路(#

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A somewhat rare gem in today's mobile game market. 2D side scrolling action with great combat system that allow you to air combo and flinch non-boss targets, a simple auto for the easy stuff and pretty much require you to play manually if you want to pass the hard stuff. Imagine a lesser version of Honkai 3rd with more forgiving gacha. The game has quite a few game modes including PvP (player made team against AI), tower, and plain vs boss. Beginner progression is pretty fast if you start off during a good event that can be spammed for materials, don't have to pay for pretty much anything unless you really want to rush. (and the paid stuff are not really good cost vs value wise) All upgrade materials can be farmed once you unlock the characters (through gacha), some character shards can be farmed before unlocking too. As with all things there will be bad parts. Since you can't really auto hard stuff you will need to spam them by mash buttons. A lot. And it gets tiring once you do it 10 or 20 times, especially when you need to time the dodges and chase after stuff. Late game progression is slow and depends a lot on logging in daily to run the daily stuff, which may take 20-30 minutes. In addition to requiring player skill in staying alive, this game is also very stat dependent. If you don't grow properly expect to see yourself doing 1s to stuff above your level. Overall would recommend to give it at least a try. p.s. all characters are female



Graphics and combat is pretty good. Gacha is average. Once you unlock a character, you can acquire character pieces 3 times a day so that its not locked to just gacha. The only thing thats bad is the animation lock when attacking. Half the time you cant dodge if locked into an attack animation, and this is only bad because attack animations are slow; like watching an old man practice tai chi. You will get hit if the animation refuses to let you execute a dodge. Also doesn't have target-lock, so expect a lot of slashing and shooting dead air if you dont turn the right way. You'll see what im talking about.

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