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Ollie's Manor

Ollie's Manor

Ollie's Manor

AlyneM Game Hunter


The game already supports English. I didn't even have to change the language.

This game is more of a tapping game that quickly becomes an idle game once you unlock the autocollectors. You don't really get to choose where to place the items you unlock but at least everything is organized xD as you keep unlocking, you'll eventually be able to upgrade these.
There's a boss that you have to deal damage to by tapping fast. There's an explorer which you have to send out on explorations and equip gear to.
Like many other idle games, it has ads that gives you currency. It also has chests that gives you 'artifacts' to collect.

I absolutely love the art. The sounds are relaxing too
So pretty much, I'd say this game is good for relaxing

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Alan Chung


this game as a relax game is too intense, not sure to others, but I need to be in the game to get resources, also way more adv to watch to optimise rewards, op top of all, theres no way to recharge it seems

Obara Obara


nie działaja reklamy

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