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Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

The art design is great, such as appealing environments, cool visual effects, gorgeous creatures, and most importantly all the characters are good-looking and charismatic. The interface and the graphics are very intuitive despite there being plenty of elemental effects in the game and the magical powers are flying everywhere.

Beautiful soundtracks, accurate sound effects, and absolutely stunning voiceovers. There are four languages to pick as the voice language. The discussion of preference on the language is all over the place. If you have always preferred the Japanese voice when watching anime or playing otaku games, the seiyuu will not disappoint you. I chose Chinese for my gameplay for a few reasons: It is my mother tongue, the script was written in Chinese and it generally expresses the context without losing its meaning in translation, the voices match the personalities of the characters in most cases. The experience is surprisingly good even though it might be against my instinct to play an anime-style game with a voice other than Japanese.

An open-world action role-playing game consisted of an interesting combat system, environment interactions, trivia, exploration, and adventure. The controls are smooth and the moves are seamless. The game incorporates many concepts as an action game and the scale is SO big considering it’s fully compatible on mobile devices. The combat system design is the one I reckon the most fun. Depending on your team compositions and the use of different elemental powers, it carries out countless combinations and makes the combat very satisfying. The more you play, the more you enjoy the sense of achievement by strengthening your characters, collecting equipment, exploring uncharted territories.

The story is good and makes you feel as if you’re reading a novel. The way it tells the story is linear and easy to follow. Every character has an extensive background story and the knowledge of the world is abundant that you need to heed the dialogs and the world quest context to grasp little by little.

Overall (TLDR):
In the first few hours, I thought I was playing an AAA single-player video game (although it actually might be considered one). The game is complete, thorough, and has great depth. It offers a delightful exploration experience, exciting encounters, pleasant art designs, amusing stories. You most likely will not regret downloading this and play through it.

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Beware this game is almost 7 GB big, eats your battery like a starving pig & turns your phone into a hot potato. Besides all that miHoYo did not disappoint with the graphics, they're mesmerizing & the soundtrack is excellent as well. It's an open world game, so there's a lot to explore. While everyone is talking about Breath of the Wild here, I'm getting some serious Tales of Zestiria vibes from it with all that elemental stuff & entering the city in the beginning. I found the start of the story interesting but after playing more, it lost my interest. It's nice to learn about the world you just dropped in & find comrades along the way, but it seems kinda basic to me & looks like you're gonna be stuck only in this city. Well, it's still just the beginning so maybe later there'll be more to it. Now this game committed 2 serious crimes. 1st crime: Paimon is too adorable 2nd crime: I can't pat the doggos & kitties [大哭] EDIT: This is clearly outdated as I wrote it back in 2020. I played it a few more weeks & then I dropped it, so I don't know what's been added, changed or how much space it takes now. You're better off looking for Reviews that have aged well or are newer



do not download this game it will install a virus called "genshin impact"

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