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Destiny Child | Global

Destiny Child | Global

Destiny Child | Global

Trần Gia Hân


hay.Nhưng quay nhân vật hơi khó trúng

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Garbage MC design and annoying voice. If you gonna have a protagonist, do it like Persona. Have the protagonist be voiceless, so at least the player feels like he is part of the story, instead of just watching as a 3rd party. Or better yet, why not just have a faceless protagonist like every other mobile game? Or at least one with a less horrible design. These types of games already lack interactivity, at least acknowledge the player's presence. Take all mobile games of success: FGO, GBF, AL, GFL. The protagonists in those don't have a lot of development so you can put yourself in their place. Gudao and Gran have neat and simplistic designs and are voiceless. Commander in Azur Lane and Girls Frontline are just you. Also it's censored. Thankfully you can bypass that, but for me it wasn't worth it because of the aforementioned issue.



THICC!, That's all

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