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Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global

Touhou LostWord | Global



1. Story is cool, troll, funny.
2. Gameplay is like FGO, nice.
3. Gacha is 5% for character.
4. Graphics are lovely.
5. Dont worry about fighting bosses like old days that make your nerves breaking.
=> Overall is 6,4/10.

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Anime Lover


I have never played a Touhou game before and I became interested in playing it after releasing a global version. I think this game is not bad.



Touhou LostWord Graphics: The arts are pretty good including the characters and the story cards. If you like to collect your waifu and expand the harem, you’ll enjoy this. Sadly it has mediocre visual effects during gameplay. Sound: In general, the music is alright but sometimes is awkward, just doesn’t fit the scene. Can’t figure out why, probably it’s a bit too loud or powerful?The voice acting is splendid though it’s a shame that the voiceovers only cover less than 50% of the gameplay. Gameplay: The combat system is a bit confusing and not very intuitive for beginners. The good thing is that the gacha is generous, you’ll get good cards quite easily. Storyline: The story is not complicated to understand but is not a specifically interesting one and the way they start the fight just doesn't make sense and is kind of silly. Overall (TLDR): In summary, I think this game is OK, not bad on the gacha rate, and the graphics are good. But overall not an outstanding one if you consider every aspect of the game.

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