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Last Origin | Japanese

Last Origin | Japanese

Last Origin | Japanese



sao tui méo vào đc game cứ ở màn hình chờ hoài

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lt is a good game with one of the better learning curve for a mobile game. You were given stage 1 and 2 where you can test the water, brute force them all the way till stage 3. Beyond that you have think about your units skill, passive and active, formation and the type of your enemy fighting. No OP units to win them all stages, no one ways to finish the battle. Monetization model are similar to Azur Lane, where you will mostly buying skin, which rather high quality. Tits and Ass, you know them. As for the units in this game, in term of how easy for yoy to collect them... It was super easy, Most of SS units dropped from stages as long as you know what you were doing with team building. I can't say this much better, it is really fun to build team to finish particular stage that crap on your previous team. There is actually auto battle in this game but you have to unlock it first. You dont have to but you can. Join Discord to discuss more about this game. https://discord.gg/3kqR5XAGUk

Sax ZamSam


แบบเห็นหมดมาเมื่อไหร่บอกผมที ตอนนี้แค่จุกยังไม่เห็น[大哭] คันมือ[怪笑] หมายถึงอยากเล่นอะนะ [鬼臉][鬼臉]

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