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Mitrasphere | English

Mitrasphere | English

Mitrasphere | English

AlyneM Game Hunter


Gameplay reminds me of SinoAlice and Unison League.

It's a pretty relaxing game and has an enjoyable character customization. It's not complex, but it was fun. VA used for voice lines are well known people too apparently 👀

Great game so far. Lemme just leave my rating and simple review here and go back to the game [哇噻]

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oh my god the english version IS FINALLY OUT.. i dont know if anybody saw my review of this game on the japanese version 1 year ago BUT. I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME[耍帥] Its not only about the graphics, they are very pretty yes but the atmosphere is even more beautiful the sound complements it perfectly you really feel like you're in a fantasy world. The characters? super cute. you can customise your character whenever you want and even change the gender whenever you want and its not definite you can go back to the gender you want whenever. Gameplay is similar to SINoAlice as i had said before on the japanese review. its just that compared to SINoAlice which is dark fantasy this one is very light hearted, relaxing and a healing experience there's no rush in anything you can play as much as you want since there's no stamina system as far as i remember. Gacha? there's gacha only for weapons and equipments which are most important. Japanese community really like this game and i can understand why. you can go on playing it for a while as a F2P, the game helps you collect different currencies to use in the game. Fun fact: ever since i installed it the first time it never left my phone. Now at last i can read the story and fully get immersed and correctly build my character. HAVE LOTS OF FUN GUYS the more you play the more you like it. Give it a chance you will enjoy it surely if you love RPGs. Hopefully its just as similar as the JP version~



played JP verdion, was a really fun game despite no understanding half the game. game has really good charcater customization. similar to unison league but more depth, can even change voices from a large variety, this however is experience from the JP version. hope global version will be just as good

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