Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global

Mobile Legends: Adventure | Global



Gameplay is so good so far. many events and heroes, you can get Free SSR heroes from events.
but the Gacha rates are completely trash [發火][發火][發火] 30x pull having no SSR. I'm quit [發火][發怒][驚訝][no][發困]

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as someone who has been playing since the first anniversary, i must say that this is a good game however its kind of easy? to level up your heroes, but the summons are not that good honestly the drop rates are not that high! might sometimes kick you out of the game but is it just me? anyways events are nice, actually a p2w game. art style is cool though and the graphic is good.



surprise everyone, i actually played this game since the relase lol but anyway the game is basically just another mostly auto controlled game. the graphic is pretty good actually, they did a good job on the 2DLive models. the game is P2W not surprisingly, but if we're not counting the arena it's not that bad. story is a mess though, started out kinda interesting, ended up with random notes of what the characters are doing. drop rates is pretty good, 5% for the 5* units. Also there's a pity system to get a random 5* if you're searching for a hero collecting game i wouldn't really recommend this game, but if you want just try it out.

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