Girl Cafe Gun | Traditional Chinese

Girl Cafe Gun | Traditional Chinese

Girl Cafe Gun | Traditional Chinese

Shin A72


Game is great and super enjoyable casually. Grindy but easy to grind and even though stamina cost is a bit over, it's easy to replenish and very cheap. However, as much as I like the game, it has multiplayer but it's almost useless as the most fun mode of this game is almost dead. Not many players actively play multiplayer mode and not even that many players still play this game.

Though I understand that this game has been running for many months, players tend to get bored especially if they've reached quite far, late game even. Overall, I enjoyed the game very much and characters are all lovely. Not gonna lie, I'm surprised when they even show the characters age that they're underage, thumbs up for you dear publisher and developer, haha.

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since jap version is required vpn, this dont so i can enjoy playing with the girls all the time [色色]

Chan Chan


One of the better gacha games out there that provide a unique gameplay. Some of the best equips can be obtained via events for free which are awesome. Did not expect it to be good but hey [不滿]

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