Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese

Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese

Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese



Friendship ended with AFK arena

🤝 Now figure story is my best friend

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it's beautiful ~ 😏 but I can't read Chinese and Japanese,so what!?😌

Joe hann


Interesting experience ... (4\5) cannot say much at this point, cause the game was just release today for this version ... all i can say, so far is pretty good ... game itself, nothing much to tell ... idle game + gatcha + team base style so i can say it's basic all & all .... Story, also nothing much i can tell ... language barrier of course .... (had to wait NA release) graphic is pretty good too, still many lag but understandable cause this just release today ... Music, is pretty good too, not to catchy but not to lame .... (but i'm not a player that play with sounds to much) what make this game is a little bit stood out the most is because the character, they using action figure style ... and for me is pretty uniQue .... (nothing special here, just common review, want to see extraordinary ppl do review then, this is the wrong one lol) ... I'm not smart with words ... let "smart" ppl do the good review ... piss out

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