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Project Babel

Project Babel

Project Babel

Ax Eex


since the game can be play and i play for 1 hour . i find that the gameplay is like final fantasy but the story and graph is good . i find that the game percentage focus on final fantasy style 70% and 30% on another eden . the story they will show like anime style but it look like hand draw kind . the story is fast pace kind.

Some problem faced in game

There is some lag while in story .

when you enter the new map when in chapter 1 it load for me for a while as i waited but it show blank screen so i need to close and reopen the game and try again it as it dont take time and the map will appear .

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Dean Feral


[色色] great game but not many variety in gameplay..but overall its kinda noice...the graphic is great love it..and gameplay are FF likey...battle is really good too.. edit: but its so sad because this game is shutting down, i wish they try again, improve and more advertise the game...hope to see it later..gonna miss this game [可憐][憋屈]

Dante Cotton


Play very similarly to Another Eden, but I really like the UI in this game better. I hope there is more to do later though. Right now the game seems a little too easy during battles. Hope they refine and expand the battle mechanics to push players to use the various skills learned because as of now all I need to do is hit the standard attack button to win. Graphics are good and remind me of Ordinal Strata. Gacha rates are decent I guess. I like the story with its mix of animation and 3D storytelling. I'm disappointed that the game has so little voice acting though.

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