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Ayakashi Rumble!

Ayakashi Rumble!


yoko yokome


okay okay neko and fox girls are my thing so yes i love the game. but i wish there's more to do beside auto play. but at the same time for what its worth it has charmed and a pretty good story so yes. i like it.

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game size rn: 335MB very good game, i believe. ive played this for an half an hour now and it hasnt asked me to download contents so im happy because my phone is old and has little storage space ~ cant understand much of the story but the graphics are so cute (〒﹏〒)



I'll be honest, this gaem is pretty mediocre gameplay-wise. Story-wise, idk, i don't bother to read all these kanji without voice, too lazy to translate every frame. But character design are pretty good. And yeah this is a sfw version of a nsfw game so wouldn't have touched this game in the first place if not for those. There are plenty of cute girls so why not eh. One thing i really like about this game beside the lust-driven part is the music. Idk why, i just love the bgm's. Like the battle bgm, etc. Ngl i was kinda pessimistic looking at the gameplay and everything, looks like a typical cheap game that will have terrible choice of music, but i was wrong. it was better than what i expected. Gameplay wise well its rpg but not turn based? the enemy coming to you in waves like in battle cats and such. You defense yourself with your lineup, you got energy over time that can be used to either use skill or revive fallen team. I like how forgiving it is in term of clraring stage. No matter how much your team died as long as you're surviving and have enough energy to summon them back before you die, you can still clear it fine. Well ofc there are elements, role, and such. But yeah there is auto function, which is fine if you're lazy, but might be a downside for some people. This is gacha game, obviously (what game doesn't have gacha nowadays eh). The ssr (★6) rate is 2% for character and 3% for equipment. Its kinda fine but getting equipment does hurt lol. You can easily reroll by restarting app and delete account data though. Overall, mediocre gameplay but a pretty 'fine' for a side-time killer-game. You may get bored pretty fast if not invested in the story or simp too hard to the character.

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