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Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey

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Tsuki's Odyssey

All the characters, the objects, and the entire environment are hand-drawn style, they are very cute!By that I mean so cute that would make you want to smile, from the bottom of your heart. [色色]

Calming and soothing background music, nothing else too complicated.

Harvesting carrots, going out fishing, buying furniture to decorate your place, interacting with your friends in the village, or simply just watching Tsuki do its own thing.

The store is short and simple. It doesn’t affect the gameplay too much.

Overall (TLDR):
It’s a nice casual game with fine quality. It reminds me of Animal Crossing on Nintendo Switch a lot. The atmosphere is relaxing and gives you a sense of satisfaction decorating your treehouse. I have no idea why I would just sit there and watch Tsuki fishing and wait for it to catch a fish without losing patience. It’s not a game that you would spend too much time playing, but it is something that you would open for a while and tap here and there to chill out for relaxation.

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i played tsuki's adventure before, and seeing like a sorta remastered version of this game is great. the first game is wholesome enough, but this game now add a lot of new features and actually felt more alive and lovely. all the characters (even new one) has great personality and theyre all fun to talk too. just chilling out and earning carrots ti get more furniture, simple premise but its still a great game. and if you leave tsuki alone for a while, who knows what surprise he'll give for you?

Raccoon Ch


Tsuki’s Odyssey สำหรับเกมคลาสสิค แบบนี้ นะครับเกมนี้เป็นเกมแนวเล่นสบายๆง่ายๆนะครับเป็นเกมแนวสร้างบ้านนะครับอัพเกรดตกปลาป ลูกสวนนะ ครับก็ภาพสวยน่ารักดีนะครับเล่นได้ไม่น่าเบื่อนะครับ

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