Yumeiro Cast | Simplified Chinese

Yumeiro Cast | Simplified Chinese

Yumeiro Cast | Simplified Chinese



I have a problem with this game . I am very interested but Iit keeps saying my internet Connection is bad or smth . I heard that this is about musicals, and I know the original game is gone sadly, but I have only discovered this now . I really wanna play because I had a musical phase last year . or smth

What do I need to do so that it would load .cri

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OH.MY.GOD YUMECAST IS ACTUALLY BACK IN ACTIONNNN!! 😭❤ I MISS YCAST SO MUCHHH!!! THIS GAME IS THE ONLY RHYTHM GAME THAT KEPT ME GOING FOR SO LONG IN JP SERVER!! Also prolly the only game that made me spent my monies on their merchs & live cd, I GET SO SENTIMENTAL EVERYTIME I WATCH IT T-T For those who have not try the game, PLS DO! U WILL NOT REGRET IT I CAN GURANTEE 🌚 I'll point out the pros that I enjoyed so far in ycast: - Awesome musics and bgm, and even the artstyle too!! (MUACKS FANTASTICKU) - CUTE & HANDSOME CHARACTERS, LITERALLY. The reason why I cried when JP server shuts down coz I'd bonded with all of them so much despite not liking some of them. YOU GROW SO ATTACHED TO THEM AND IT HURTS TO SEE THEM GO ._. (SASUGA SEGAY) - Each of the characters' personalities are really interesting, I did enjoyed it a lot at least in JP server (*coughs* some of them have weird fetishes/hobbies too) - You can FREAKING have your own love story with ur best bb. That is the 1 FEATURE that you don't see in most rhythm games (based on my experience till now). All you need to do is to lv up your bb's love points, and WALA, love story unlocks and you cn read it while fangirling/boying on how cute they are as the story progresses. (I STILL LOVE KAITO'S LOVE STORY SO MUCH AHHHH HE SHO KIUTTT, JUST IMAGINE HIM HEAD PATTING YOU AND SAYS "YOU'RE A GOOD GIRL") 😭❤ - Fully voiced story (incl. each of their love stories yaaa), so if you can understand JP through listening, NOW'S THE TIME FOR YOU TO SHINE - They're not idols, but stage actors. It brings a whole different concept imo since most rhythm games nowadays are heavily idol based and it's getting kinda boring (I DONT HATE THEM, I JUST NEEDED A NEW CONCEPT & INSPIRATION OK PLS) - Of all the rhythm games I played, ycast is the only 1 that I didn't need to chg the note timing despite using an android, not sure if it applies to all android users too but yea. (timing was in fact on the dot along with the music so I was really happy) - Gacha rates are ok I guess? 3% for UR, sounds average to me but the chances to actually get them to come home is quite ok compared to certain games..... :) But there's cons for this version of the game: - IT LOADS WAY TOO SLOW, MY SNAIL CAN MOVE FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF THE LOADINGS, PLS DO SMTG ABOUT IT, DEVS 😅 - still relatively a new game but I'm hoping devs can add more cards into the gacha soon. - hoping devs would add collabs too! Thanks for listening to my TED Talk ps: I simp Kaito, Subaru & Aizawa, so you guys bttr simp them too 🌚🌝



https://twitter.com/kiriiiiii_/status/1274466396747907072?s=19 ^guide for those without Chinese phone numbers I was never really an active player of the Japanese version, admittedly, but I did play occasionally and I've loved the characters for a while! The music is great, and the rhythm game portion is quite a bit different from the usual types of rhythm games (such as I7 and Utapri), but fun nonetheless! It's also refreshing that the characters are from a musical theater company instead of the usual idols and singers. So far it seems to be identical to the Japanese version, with the exception of registering/logging in, but I have high hopes for the game! also, screw you sega

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