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Рогалик. То есть серьёзно, что б нормально играть надо дрючить переводчик по кд из-за бафов на уровне. Если в начале игры не критично, то позже это определённо будет проблемой из-за чего порог вхождения очень высок.
Гача лютая, никакого гаранта, так ещё и первый тенрол копил 1,5 часа.
Сама по себе игрушка весёлая, вот только наскучит быстро.
Зарегистрироваться можно с помощью китайского фейк id (загуглите или загляните в мои Note's я подробно рассказывал о регистриции акаунта у этих разрабов в другой игре).

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Here we go, another gacha game that hops on the bandwagon of "amazing unity + Live2D made waifu gacha action fighting game with a slice of yuri for sex deprived weebs". I'm kidding about the last part, we just want games to play on our off times. Although, the game is not exactly "out of this world" like HI3, it has a long way to go before it reaches HI3 level. Gameplay: it's a typical HI3 mashed with a bit of "Slay the Spire". The missions consist of you, controlling some character and smashing the hell out of whatever stand your way. What makes this different from HI3 is that you occasionally run into relics with extra buffs, ranging from "your attacks against full health enemies are criticals", "+X amount to some Y stat", and "+% of damage is leeched as HP". Some of the buffs are hard to explain in this review, which involves looking into different mechanics (which I'll have to translate to English so screw that). At the end, the buffs serves as nothing special, they are more quality of life if anything. In my opinion, if you enjoy horde smashing, give this game a go. If you're looking a HI3 challenger, this ain't it. Character: The first character you get is this lolita who is a copy of Kurumi. One of her abilities is literally "spin to win" Garen style, and her ultimate involves slamming her large scythe on the ground. Oh, she can also dash, which is one of her two abilities. I am disappointed to see dash being a skill, I don't think the developers even bother coming up with cool skills. You know something is off when Kurumi and Thor (I think it's Thor since God of Lightning?) both have a dash skill, but Thor has 3 more stored charges than Kurumi. Why does the God of Lightning have a dash skill? Can't you give her a skill like "summon a cloud that strikes lightning around an area"? Why would Thor need a dash skill when she' s a backrow mage? In terms of personality, the characters falls short with monotone character traits and no substance outside their art. That is expected since it's a gacha game, I don't fault the developers for that. But it certainly isn't godly written like Re:Zero style. Overall, fair characters for a gacha game. Graphics: standard unity based game, I think that's a fair description. Moving on. Storyline: I can't say much since my Chinese is as good at a standard third grader. However, the plot definitely sounds like a standard isekai with a bit of NTR mixed into it (you take control an involuntary loli in the first mission and beat shit up). Overall, just like any other gacha game, story is typical. Value: just f2p man why would u spend money on this Overall, my criticism may be harsh, but I do genuinely enjoy horde smashing games. Long story short, this game has been fun althought with many flaws. I wish the relics you collect in missions (you know, the one thing that's supposed to make this game innovative) have a bigger and more random effect, but it' s a good start to a roguelike action horde smash game. edit: as unsurprising as this sounds, Lookout, a antivirus app preinstalled on my phone, says this game is malware. I have since uninstalled it, but take my actions with a grain of salt. Antivirus apps tend to be wrong, but since this is the first time Lookout keeps informing me about a game being malware. I am going to play it safe.

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i think this game great, but log in use qq or wechat akun, i hope we can log in use gmail or fb akun,,

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