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Fairy Tail: Guild Masters

Fairy Tail: Guild Masters

Fairy Tail: Guild Masters

damar aji


game gagal ini. tidak ada keseimbangan dalam game, 10x gacha =3,6k kristal, 1x clear dg dapat 40 kristal dan itupun susah, reward login 30d atau 7d gk menarik, tidak bisa lvl up atau equip, dan tidak Ada event. saya main malah stress sndiri stuck di stage 3

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I never imagined this to be something like this, well lets get to the point Q :How is the game? A :Auto attacking strategy RPG. Raising units and deploy then watch them fight auto. Gameplay similar to brav* nine, but IT IS SO SLOW. BY SLOW I MEAN, REALLY SLOW with progress, battle speed,currency, LITERALLY ALMOST EVERYTHING Q :How about the Graphic? A :The splash art are amazing, attracting and looks gorgeous...Fortunately Not with the SDs in battle animation. it is horrendous. came straight out of 2014 mobile game Q :How about the voice, sound, etc? A :Bad. The va are utmost best since it is origin feom fairy tails, bgm are quite well made. but the sound quality is really bad i can't stand it long in my ears. Q :How is the storyline? A :The one out of 3 good point on this game Q :How is the gacha? A :there are UR, SSR, SR, R, N units on the same banner. Rates for UR are 0.6% which is quite high. Q :How is the value? Cash item and cash currency? A :played it for the last time, it become worse lol. Summary : Bad version of bra*e 9. this game isnt even worth reviewing imo, quite dissapointed [委屈]

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