Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis | Simplified Chinese

Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis | Simplified Chinese

Masterwork Apocalypse Genesis | Simplified Chinese

Shin A72


This is one of my best favorite game. What makes this game great and addictive is that it doesn't matter if you join new or old server, you can always enjoy your progress and compete against other players. This game is grindy but it's the only grindy game that makes me addicted and enjoyed so much whether casual or competitive.

Game is generous enough with its rewards especially events. All chars are useful and upgradable until whatever the limit is. The key is you just need to learn the chars skills and pair them with whoever compatible with them the most in terms of role balance and skills combinations.

I didn't write much as I usually do because I don't know what to say, this game is just like what I've been looking for. Hope you all can feel the same towards this game. You don't need to be on top whatever to get PVP or Real-time PVP highest rewards, simply gain the point to reach next tier.

Guild battle is rock, it's not enjoyable but it's the best place to learn how to best utilize your team in different situations. Experiment it yourself and equip your chars with whatever badge you think they will fit as long as it makes you understand better what's the function is about.

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Fredy L


edit : finally reach high rank but, i'm stuck at top 80 real time pvp, it's just impossible to increase again without the the character that you got from maximum TOP UP mission. (you cannot get her in gacha) i give up the game, it's just impossible to win against her in the team if u don't have her. her support skill is dmg and 100% bind/stun in large area for 1 turn. yeah too OP, definitely a MUST to compete in high rank. your rune or SSR are just worthless in front of her. P2W at its finest. have potential being a good game but ruined with bad gacha rate and bad character skill, n here i can say there are 3 R character that have a far better skill than 80% or 90% of current SSR despite it's really hard to get SSR. the R character only lose in stats. i rarely complain about gacha but this game gacha is really horrible for f2p. this is might be baseless and random but i got 1 SSR in 10 pull at 1st roll after buying gem each time and no ssr using free gem. gameplay is kind of good, you cannot just randomly atking and leaving your range dps alone so it needs a little of thinking when facing range boss also beware of debuff from your own character, its stupidly really hurt. btw you can set the voice in Japanese, after character creation, pick the 2nd option it will change to Japanese voice.

Jomar Nataya


I wish the developer fix some characters that are mute or dont have sound coming out from thier mouth while talking when you choose them as your main hero in your home screen every time i inter act with other character i dont hear them speacking im very sad about it because one of the mute character is my waifu, pls fix the issue, we hope a better experience, i will change my ratings to 5 if this will be fix soon.... Wow this change my life now i can now hear the voice of my waifu and the time i hear her i quickly change the ratings.... This is life quality

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