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Dice Saber

Dice Saber

Dice Saber

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Dante Cotton


edit: Based on some info I looked into online, it looks like the game MIGHT be coming out globally soon. I hope it comes out in May, but guess we'll see. Until then, my score will stay the same. I really want to try this game because of the battle system. edit 2: According to Naver moderators for the game, Dice Saber is "pre-opening" on 5/14/21 which I guess is probably for pre-download purposes, and launching global access on 5/17/21! Yay, May launch like I was hoping for. Let's hope it's a real global launch without region blocking and with at least a Japanese or English translation. edit 3: I have just checked today, and I was able to access the game on 5/12/21 so I guess if you were able to update to version 1.4 you can start playing now!!

sybrius art


why is it you can download it on qoo yet you need a "new version" from a reigon locked google play store?

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