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Vanguard ZERO



Please notify me when Vanguard Zero turned into normal Vanguard.

I need these function to officially invest myself in this game.
- Guard function!
A mere sentinel that automatically activated can't compare with guarding by yourself.
-Drive check!
Adding cards by drive check was common function, yet it was jon existent here.
I wanted to have card that really function as triggers and not setting grade 3 as triggers.
Having Grade 2 taunt wasn't as good as Intercept.

I can make do without these but I prefer if they exist.
Not having it was alright, but it would be better with it.
-Default deck for all
A default deck that wasn't elemental at all. I always lose my motivation to play when my opponent summon elemental.
-Some restriction in how many grade 1/2/3 but not split 1/3rd for each of them. Maybe minimum 5 grade 1 or something like that.
-Clan based booster card.
I would prefer to buy single clan booster card than mixed one.

That's all for now I guess, even if you guys wanted fast gameplay, I hope developers add something like Original Vanguard or Simplified Vanguard fight.

As of now, Vanguard Zero feels like luck based game than simplified game. I can easily beat someone with my joke useless elemental deck more than a few times when I need to do mission with character which i do not have card of.

As of now, Playing offline seems to be much better than online. (Vanguard EX)

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Billy Horton


They should have stuck with the regular gamplay instead of this watered down luck sack version. You have no real way of defending yourself, sometimes you have to throw away key cards just to stay in the game, and opening with a hand full of grade 3s is even worse because there is no G assist and suddenly you are down several triggers which is a huge disadvantage and the game hasnt even started. If nintendo could make a full game app of the pokemon TCG then bushiroad could have done better than this messy piece of hot garbage.

Honk Tang


wow! the global version is coming!

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