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AFTERLOST - Shoumetsu Toshi

AFTERLOST - Shoumetsu Toshi

AFTERLOST - Shoumetsu Toshi



아 타마키 쿈성우ㅋㅋ
스토리 스킵이 없습니다. 좀 길긴한데 애니메이션 영상이 볼만하니 그냥 봐도 좋을듯
전투는 양산형 느낌.

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Jeremy Teo


Played for 5 min and quit. It keeps crashing during the introduction part. Every time it crashes and i return to the game, it gives me another 5 seconds of the introduction before crashing again. Review is based on that 3 min crashed introduction. Was playing on chinese translation. Therefore, my gameplay rating is neutral stand (LOL i didnt even play), storyline 4 due to game crash. I liked the anime so far (watching halfway through) but am disappointed with the game now.

Sherrice jackson


couldn't get past the tutorial for this. entirely too much story and then when you actually get to fight the quests are boring as hell.

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