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Source Contract  | Korean

Source Contract | Korean

Source Contract | Korean

Arya wiratama


the gacha is bad, as for mine i was on my 2week play and still have ssr from the gift not from the gacha pool, the next gemplay just close your eyes imagine this is honkai but fantasy magic sword monster and dragon, the enemy can easily pin down on you spam their attack until you dies, especially boss, they have gimmicks too, so yes the pvp is "just lost already if you don't have ssr with higher build" other than that, you better grind your team for higher combat point for the next chapter story, it's warning since the number they put in it is real deal, if you can't over that number, be ready for it, the way enemy attack is can't be canceled, some times it does combo, so just stay away until the enemy stop their animation attack and then your turn, the evade buttom is hopeless so it's no no, there is auto button too in it but I'm not recommended, it can stuck you at some random fence like an hours, other than that this game is an okay, try it, feel it on your own perspective

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Raccoon Ch


🔴Source Contract เซิฟเกาหลีมาแบบ งงๆ หลังจากเซิฟจีนย่อได้ถูกปิดไปแล้ว....เนื่องจากการขาดทุนแหละครับ ไม่รู้ว่าบ.ในเกาหลีเขาเทคไปทำจะรุ่งไหมต้องรอชมดูจ้า อันนี้คลิปรีวิวที่ผมเคยทำไว้ครับ https://youtu.be/RAdi1zvbLME



https://youtu.be/jcVx5pt_Ob0 good game

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