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IDOLM@STER Side M | Japanese

IDOLM@STER Side M | Japanese

アイドルマスター SideM



this won't work for me even though I want to try it .:(

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Uh, yeah... The songs are great as ever, but the graphics... I can't... Please give them mercy



Let me be real, this game is definitely outdated in terms of almost everything. But for some reason, this game has got me hooked on it. If you are having troubles with navigating or understanding the game, do check out the fandom wiki: https://sidem.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page Graphics: After the app update they did (I forgot when) where they changed the whole home UI, it did look quite pleasing to my eyes. It's a big improvement from the old version. Art-wise, I really love the card designs and the art style; it's a unique style in terms with current games. Sound: There is bgm in some screens (i.e., home, event, gacha) and yes, there is a variety depending on which screen you are at. But sadly, the game barely has any sfx, which kinda takes me out since it's just silence in some moments. Gameplay: Okay, I really love the gameplay, so let me explain. The game is mostly autoplay (change it via settings) but somehow, it's good enough for me. What takes the cake are the events; there are multiple systems in various events, or in simpler terms, there are different 'gameplay' provided on the events. Let's say you got gameplay (A) on event (1), then on the next event (2), it will be gameplay (B). For what I remember, there are 4(?) kinds of events in-game, so far. But anyways, in short, the game has its own 'thing' and I think it's fun. Storyline: I don't understand japanese so none. But if you're interested, there is an anime, other games and other mediums for the SideM franchise. Do check out their official accounts and website for more information. Value: I honestly love this game, even though it's not really that great and there is a heavy lean on paying for gacha pulls (though there is also alternatives for getting cards, i.e., events, occasional free banners, daily solo pull, UPC, etc.) The SideM franchise holds a certain place in my heart, so I do hope you try this game out. It's a fun and good pass time for those who like casual chill games. There may be a few personal biases on the overall rating but I enjoyed the game, so why not. Take this with a grain of salt if you're skeptic.

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