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Lord of the Other World

Lord of the Other World

Lord of the Other World

Shin A72


I always like this type of game and I can see the production quality. However, as much as I like it, this one really lacks tutorial, explanation, description whatsoever. I only played this for a few minutes and I don't know what's the function of each pop-up button and building unless I have them and check it out, this is seriously a hindrance for learning.

Unless things get improved, this game is okay, hard to enjoy because the lack of things I mentioned, so it's not really newbie friendly. After the tutorial, I never even bother to do any battle as it doesn't seem like that important, it's so forgettable so it's need to be somewhat improved too to make it more interesting and enjoyable.

It's always great to have voiceovers, but it's bad if majority of the budget goes there rather than focusing on improving the gameplay and the system. I hope there will be improvement, so, good luck dev. Oh, right, what's good about this is the power of friendship, haha. Help from community is really helpful for quick kingdom growth.

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William Watson


Game play — Lord of the other world is an anime based Rpg game. choose a path of level-up upgrades for your character, combine them into squads. Every turn you need to make difficult decisions to bring your squad to victory with minimal losses. Combine heroes to create the best parties against different opponents. conquer the global map, taking province after province, dominating over the defeated nations. The characters are well designed. I like the story of the game.



I have played since launch, and have reached quite high ingame. If you played, you must have heard of my name. So I guess I can give a more through out review than someone who just try it for a couple of minutes. This game is a town building, and the main difference with other similar games is that you don't have to defend your town vs other players. Your opponent mostly is the monster in open world and dungeons. So no town expanding. Instead, you can focus on development, build a team, and fight other players in siege war and the arena. I won't say Im a f2p. but I don't spend much ingame beside battle pass and some cheap offer in prestige. No gem brought at all .Still I managed to be one of the top player ingame right now. With full 5 star teams. So yeah, not that p2w. Game is hard and confusing at first cause there is next to none tutorial. However, once you get a hang of things, building a team and trying heroes combo in the arena and vs npc is quite fun. The battle log is hilarious, especially with chaos involved. The dev is small, but they do listen and actively try to fix bugs and implement change to the game. Overall, the game is a good time waster, and have potential. Also, as at the latest update, we have a story mode. And now, the dev has decided the honey moon is over, and turn the game into a money grab.

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