Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese

Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese

Figure Fantasy | Traditional Chinese

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Shin A72


*Long review contain nothing but my absurdity* To start off, I've only played this for 5 days (including today, the day I posted this) and still playing, expect as much as my 5 days. What makes this game piqued my interest is the unique character design, it's a figurine, not the typical 2D or 3D models. [Too long didn't read] Enjoyable as casual, I don't suggest you to get competitive but you do you. Generous rewards but not as much. Long charging stamina so it makes resource gathering challenging, which is also one of the reasons why it's better to enjoy casually. Collecting figurines as you do in you real life, it's the epic element of this game. All in all, it's fun and decent to spent your spare time on. [Basic Review] I never rate graphic, but the character design is unique so it's a plus for this game. Sound effect isn't pleasant as if it wasn't cut perfectly but the quality is fine, music too loud so make sure to lower it as low as below 50% if you may. Story, not something new if you've watched Toy Story series, it's fun to enjoy but not enough to be engrossed. [Battle] It's your typical idle RPG, 5 characters to deploy, roles, and brands. Though SSR (figurine with Golden base tier) has some additional attribute which I don't know what's the function yet. Battle is capped at 2× speed which unlocked very soon. If some of you play this game not in auto, you got my respect man. It's very confusing as the battle is fast-paced, but you'll master it with experiment. [Figurines growth and skills] You can only upgrade with something green thingy (clover I guess?) that can only be earned on story which is non-replayable, boss dungeon which reward is reset once a day, and idle rewards. You need to evolve after certain level thresholds to grow more power and unlock/upgrade the skills (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140). You'll unlock level link (link other figurines to reach the lowest level of your top 5 figurines) when your House reach version 3.3. All of figurines stars (except green and blue tier) is upgradable until you've had enough, star-up unlocked after you clear stage 2-24 or something (cmiiw). Upgrade skills after you evolve your characters with special resource obtained with limited energy. The energy, stamina if you may, is charged so long, it's recharged every 6 minutes but can be replenished 60 twice a day with diamonds which is kinda a waste yet useful at the same time. [Tier and star-up] There are Green, Blue, Purple, Purple-stripe (P//), Golden, Peach, Peach-stars (Ps), and Ultimate Peach (U-Peach) tier. Green and Blue are meant to be recycled for friend points while others can be starred-up until you don't want to do it anymore. To take a note, star-up can only be done within same brand figurines. Purple need two same figurine, P// need two of same tier, Golden need one same figurine tier, Peach needed two same tier, and Ps2 need one same figurine Peach tier. Ps3 need one same tier. Ps4 need one same figurine Ps3 tier haven't know yet. As far as I understand, U-Peach is the highest tier as of now. [Clear stage 9-1] Clearing 9-1 will unlock new mode where you can gather additional resources and replenish your energy but it's just first time rewards. You can grind in there for gears, so it's perfect, however it needs energy to do that. Other things unlocked is where you now can access Battle Pass, yeah, good stuff. Now I finally know what the Golden base tier figurines additional attribute is, it's a stats booster. It's actually not attributes, but Club. So, as more Club members gathered, you'll be able to upgrade the Club and the more stats will be boosted. [Strategy?] You need it in certain battle if you want to achieve the best result possible. Just deploy however you like, but if you need bonus, simply deploy figurines with same brand or deploy special brand which can benefit any brands. There is also brand advantage. Brands advantage (25% damage bonus) is as follow: Let's Get Red Night-9 ↓ ↑ ↑↓ Tenma → Galatea Snow-A [Fun?] It's fun, highly suggested not to be ambitious achieving highest rank as other players growth is insane than you may think. Grow your powers at your own pace and just enjoy the epic element of this game, which is to collect figurines. Game is generous with its rewards and events are very fun to enjoy, other than that, it's just fun playing with your figurines or seeing them dance. So, yeah, just try it and enjoy your time gaming.

Daniel Llacsa


el juego me gusto lo malo es que necesito un buen cell para que juegues sin problema las animaciones y las personajes son buenos lo seguire jugando y bien recomendado

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