SHINZO APP Six of Him -B- | Aoi Yuki

SHINZO APP Six of Him -B- | Aoi Yuki

SHINZO APP Six of Him -B- (cv Aoi Yuki / 悠木碧)

RedDress Top Contributor


I got chills playing this game. The effects & graphic are nice. Now i only need to find more money so i can unlock the full story...

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I like how this game always surprises you. The graphic and gameplay are simple but neat and pleasant. It's all in Japanese, but you can read the texts in english if you tap the screen. The "self" of the voice even changes if you do certain things. All these are small but thrilling surprises as you discover them. But of course the best part is the Voice. The lovely Yuuki Aoi's shota voice is absolute bliss to the ears✨ If you're not sure whether to buy it or now, DO IT! Right now it's on sale and only cost about 2.50€!!!

Suzuran desu


Too bad it's only let you play for free for only 3 minutes

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