Disney Twisted Wonderland | Japanese

Disney Twisted Wonderland | Japanese

Disney Twisted Wonderland | Japanese



нихуя ритм игра определенно ставлю 5 пока что ждем когда я буду бомбить короче ВПЕРЕЕЕЕД

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🌹 Some of the prettiest art I've ever seen. I say this as a gacha hell veteran, even SR cards are drawn so beautifully with the loveliest compositions!! ♡ 🌹 Surprisingly generous for a Disney game. I saw other reviews complain about the dia distribution; yes they give modest amounts, but they give them in bulk. I've managed to get 3000 dia (10 pulls) in 3 weeks through the log-in campaigns and grinding so you just need to play & grind consistently as with most gachas! 🌹 Fully voiced main story and amazing overall in writing. The pace and length is perfect! It's never too long that it feels like a drag but also not too short that you're left unsatisfied & longing for more. Moods are handled very well and I love that they don't compromise quality and consistency! 🥀 I don't really enjoy the actual gameplay aspects. This is my only gripe. The rhythm beatmaps are ok but a bit funky sometimes. I always find myself letting the game do all the work for me which can be quite boring...



This is one of the most highly anticipated games of summer and it lives up to its hype. The whole thing just screams "Harry Potter!" You got yeeted to another world through a magic mirror where Disney villains are portrayed as ikemens and ended up in a magical institute called "Knight Ravens College". Upon your arrival you met a feral kitty on the loose(called Grimm) who says that he's gonna become TW's greatest magician. You've also met the flamboyant headmaster of the school(his catchphrase:"Because I'm a nice person!"). Back at the dormitory the 7 dorm leaders are having a sorting hat initiation for the new students. The magic mirror tells you that there isn't anything special about you since you have 0 magic. You tell them it's because you came from another world and you want to go back where you came from, the headmaster agrees to help you. With nowhere else to go, you ended up staying at the institute as u discover the dark secrets of the dormitories. Since the game is heavily focused on the story, it'll receive alot of criticism from the En community. The graphics and UI are really nice, it reminds me of Obey Me! The gameplay has 2 modes, "auto-battle" and "Rhythmic", once you've finished the tutorials the lesson modes such as Flying, Alchemy, magic classes will be available. Thumbs up for the bgm. The gacha rate however is so-so. Overall do I enjoy it? Heck yes! there are still  room for improvements and Im looking forward to the event platform. [[edit: Pre-Registration users should also claim the milestone gifts before it expires]]

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