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Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions

ludin vonhanen


Graphic is beautiful when set HD but i keep getting freeze even on smooth mode when in combat,alot of bugs graphic on model like missing legs of robot, some skin make pilot lose their face.Gameplay wise it fun to play and you dont die too fast like in pubg, you even have second chance if you are in robot mode ( only robot got destroyed) so it like you are playing titanfall but anime ver.The downside of the game is that game very unstable,freeze alot in combat even if it just 2 people and on lowest setting ( my phone isnt that potato to not beable to play ).

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solta -kun


better than PUBG



over and all i think i like it, when I have free time on my hand i play this game and the fun thing is you can play with your friends too! wow (my in game name is †Chris† )

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