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TRAHA | Japanese

yoko yokome


well i would like to play this again.but unfortunately quest options isn't a thing and if i tired using my google acc. well its pointless. but i can't wait till they bring this over to global or us. i love playing V4... But at this moment i really want to retired this again.

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Tsuyoi Ouji


This is the best mobile MMO I have played, and it is also better than most MMOs being released on PC nowadays. Don't mind the low score, as retards are review-bombing the game just because it has IP block. (You can still bypass it by not using a SIM card or play on an emulator). Daily quests are easy to do and plentiful, so you don't need to do the ones you think are annoying for the cumulative reward. There are two energy systems, one for gathering and crafting, and another for dungeon box opening and daily/side missions (dont't confuse with daily quest), however you are not really going to run out of energy since it is given in high quantities and consumption is low (i am sitting at 1500 crafting energy, when the cap for regen is 300 and i do my daily crafting activities). Game doesn't seem to be p2w for now, as you get a lot of boxes for cards/summons/pets for free from events, achievements and daily rewards. I think they might also be craftable later on, but i am not sure about that. You can set up afk gathering, crafting and mob grinding and use the inbuilt battery saving mode. Or you can do those things actively as combat is fun, and so are the lifeskill minigames (except for plant/wood gathering, which has a purely luck based minigame). Sadly you can't use every weapon in the game with a single character, but each character can equip 3 weapons, each one changing your class. You have to level them separetely for skill upgrades though. Skill and build diverity is one of the points that is better than even PC games now. I play with double swords and I can build for raw damage, critical damage, back attacks and damage over time, or mix them to make a ranged heavy build or CC build. There are main skills and secondary skills which can be a new skill usable when a condition is met or a strenghtening effect tied to the main skill. There are also passive skills to suplement the type of build you want to play for each weapon, and 2 other passive skill trees (much like old League of Legends mastery page, but much bigger) with more generic upgrades for offense, defense and utility that are character based. Animations are great and combat is responsive. Basically this is what Dragon Raja pretends or wished to be combat wise. There is a point where you will need to grind a little to increase you class level or hero power to progress on main missions. Just do daily/side quests, use you summoning stuff, level stuff up, etc. and progress will not be bad (at least where I am now, which is almost level 30 class, where I can unlock most of the final features of the game such as party dungeons, field bosses, guilds, etc., this may change later). The biggest issues with this game are 1) Gender/Body type locked per each specific "class combo". For example to play DoubleSword/MagicBow/MaceAndShield combo i have to be a medium sized guy. (Though customization is pretty good as far as it goes, hope they will change it in the future). 2) Lack of region map. We have a radar mini map, and some sort of global map where we can search for npcs, monster, etc., but we don't have the usual terrain map of the area you are in, so it is hard to navigate and you need to rely on auto pathing a lot. This might make navigation less intuitive until you learn how to find resource nodes and specific shops. Most things can be done directly fron the main UI though, this game is very good with quality of life overall. I will update this review as i get further into the game. But i am definetely enjoying my time here even if my phone is bad and has to run all settings on minimal! (>^ω^)

Nichol Jarry Martinez


Can't believe they region lock this, fck.

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