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OVERHIT | Global

OVERHIT | Global

OVERHIT | Global

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***edit: the game is shutting down for global version. nailed it*** Take this from a guy who has been playing the Korean Overhit since launch.... PLAY THE KOREAN VERSION. I tried to like the global version, I really did, but it is disgusting in how they did it. - Crap rates - P2W shop (THEY EVEN HAVE DISCOUNT COUPONS TO PURCHASE PAID ITEMS if that tells you anything) - Put the UR (LEGEND in Global lmao) characters from the Korean Version into THEIR OWN GACHA. Plus, they have a different type of currency, so paid currency won't even get you a "LEGEND" character. sorry, but I give this game 3 months before it shuts down. Stick to the Korean Version or Jap version, which has a longer life span. Folks are already dropping mad hate on the Global version, so GG.

Frost Ex


superb game, but nexon ruin it by greed, such a waste

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