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Gothic wa Mahou Otome

Gothic wa Mahou Otome


relight HK



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Me gusta es un juego muy entretenido es algo diferente a lo que suelo jugar tiene una buena variedad de personajes y es muy facil de jugar te puedes divertir y pasar un buen rato⭐



Good bullet hell made by Cave, known for some great shoot em' up games like Mushihimesama or Espgaluda, most stages can be done with almost all characters, just focus on the weaknesses of the stages that you are in and it'll be a breeze. Events are quick and give you a small window to get points and rewards, so plan accordingly. Gacha wise, rate up is a lie, but it got better with more guaranteed units on the banners, so you can hold on to your gems and wait for a girl that you like or a shoot type that you need. Also on events usually the girls from the banner gives some point bonus for the event. It takes some time to build good teams for each element, but after you get it rolling is very satisfying. Each character has a shoot type and skill which gives some advantages and disadvantages on the game. There are some that are really good if you want them big scores. There's a feature to watch video recordings from other players, so you can take a look at their strategies and approaches to each level. Guilds are a great place to meet other players and play Guild vs Guild, which have a different game style where you compete against players from the other guild for better scores. Overall is a really fun game if you like shmups. The gacha demands some time to get some good units to get better scores, so if you are up for a good daily shmup game, Gomaotsu is a very good entry.

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