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TRAHA | Korean

TRAHA | Korean

TRAHA | Korean

Gabriella Jaquryn Evelyn


this is a latest update about the game u can find at
17 july 2021

1. the IP litelarry is another clone of Vindictus (USING THE SAME CHARACTER PRESET, DESIGN, MONSTER, ENVIRONTMENT, NPC) it's not everything cloning vindictus, but some.. you'll notice

2. the graphics was good, like any unreal engine games these day

3. it has real time weather/ day,night cycle at some point i believe

4. GACHA at every resources possible

5. you can use a lot of weapons with a different masteries and skill, attack pattern, etc

6. the story is not bad i believe

7. there is a detailed character customization like BOOBS, HIPS, WAIST... (i know what you're looking for) but the size it "maximize" is following vindictus creation (SMALL)

8. there is a difficulties that makes you not to use auto thing


10. i believe, if this will come to global market, they just milking you dry and close service... because they really slow on events and reward, seems korean gamer doesnt like this game someway...
remember this game has a advertisement using CHRIS HEMSWORTH? that's the time i played on these game.. that long...

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nazrul vathur


good job.. di tunggu versi globalnya 👍

Kiattisak Kotirak



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