Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby | Japanese




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Little guide that most may or may not already know Stat : Speed : Affect maximum speed. Generally useful, but don't specialized in this if you didn't use Escape (from the pack) strategy, or most race was Short distances and Miles (Sakura Bakushin O). Stamina : Affect how much your speed decrease in a match. You don't need to specialized it if your horse didn't race in mid and long distances. You need moderate stamina in mid distances(Mejiro McQueen) and specialized in it if you need to conquer long distances (Rice Shower) Strength : Affect acceleration and course taking. Pretty useful for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy but generally useless for Escape strategy. Why is it useful? simple, it was because! No matter how fast or strong you are if you got surrounded by the pack, then you are over! Guts : Affect last spurt. Good for Chase, Insert, and Lead strategy. It affect horse determination to win at the last corner and make them easier to overtake their opponent. After much training trying to specialzed in it, I found out that it was basically useless to specialized in it since this stat was shitty if your other stat was shitty. Intelligent : Affect your skill Generally good for all uma musume, especially if you have lots of skills. You don't need to specialized in this , but having more intelligent would be advantage in a race. Additional info... Skill: Yellow skill added your uma usume capabilities in a race. Blue skill affect your uma musume stamina recovery. Red skill debuff your rival uma musume. Green skill affect your uma musume adaptivity. That's all for stat I guess. Correct me if I'm wrong.



I'm a girl, I don't usually play games that is focused on male audience because I know there won't be any male characters but UmaMusume.....THIS GAME IS AN EXCEPTION OK [開心] I LEGIT LOVE ALL THE HORSES I have not play similar games to UmaMusume before so I find the training concept rather hard. But that didn't stop me frm plying it. Had always wanted to have a game with harder challenges so this game really suit me a lot!! This game is basically a 'train your idol' game but horse version. All the horses are pretty (pretty illustrations), even the support cards are so nicely drawn!!! Different horses have different personalities & specialties so you really have to plan your training menu well in order to make your selected horse get 1st placing in the last UMA FINALS! Comes to the story section, where you get to read main story and your horse waifu's stories. (Ngl when I first saw Oguri racing in main story, I was admiring how cool she looks! > <) There's MVs too! Where you get to see your horse waifus sing and dance!! (my heart cant take the amazing-ness of those MVs) But there's a certain requirement to unlock them. Unlimited Impact has been stucked in my head ever since i unlocked it so yes, I can say that the songs are pretty darn good! Other than that, just enjoy smash tapping your horse waifus in your main screen jkjk. ps: Agnes best waifu [怪笑]

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