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Blue Sky Fantasy

Blue Sky Fantasy

Blue Sky Fantasy



The tag is not lying when it said idle mmorpg. In short, this game is one of those auto mmorpg. You only need to watch the game playing itself, from moving, taking quest, auto equip etc. The only important thing you need to do yourself is buy all those premium from shop. Also, they have 82 server so far.

It's not my cup of tea, but it will be unfair if i give a low rating because of that reason so i give it 3 for neutral rating. (not good not bad)

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Akbaru Berau-Kaltim


Great game, easy power up. But they have fairy rent too[不滿] Try play this game.Good for F2P no need buy anything for you character to be strong, just figure out how you get item/power. I'm now level 196. Server 80. SIZE : 1 GB+ Edit : I choice characters mage blonde, but why, when in game not her?! I m always use mage for game like this.

Alizon Pinzón


no hablo idioma taka taka pero woa seguir sus caritas >:3💕

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