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Memories of link | Japanese

Memories of link | Japanese

Memories of link | Japanese

kokoropaint β·Mission Exterminator


This game is really good - the beatmaps are fun, models are nice, and the songlist is great. However, it is fairly different from the chinese version (Diva Destiny).
The highprofile voice actors in the Chinese vers (like Maaya Uchida for Chloe) have been replaced with lower budget ones - I assume this is so they can have character songs that are actually sung by the characters, or some licensing issues. As well, the song list is vastly different, but (imo) usually the JP vers is better than the CN vers. (most seem to disagree with me tho! lol) Also there's paid-only songs which is kind of shitty...idk if that's in the CN version.
Honestly, if you can't read either version (or can read both), I'd try both Memories of Link and Diva Destiny, and see which one you like more! They're both pretty high quality. Personally I'm gonna stick with the JP vers despite the drawbacks just because I can read it a lot better lol

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Nukichuu Moriya





Awful song selection in comparison to CN. No point in bothering with a rhythm game with a bad song spread.

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