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櫻都學園 | 簡中版

櫻都學園 | 簡中版

櫻都學園 | 簡中版




遊戲影片參考: https://youtu.be/plZ8OY9s8BQ

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beta zest


*Games review : Games : Sakura City Academy Language : Chinese Size : 3.07GB Price : Free Platform : Android, IOS Download : Qooapp https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/17019 IOS Coming Soon * Chinese Indentity Verification is necessary. Guest Account could only play for 60 minutes. 🌟Graphic 3.8/5 🌟Sound 3.8/5 🌟Gameplay 3.8/5 🌟Storyline 3.8/5 "Sakura City Academy" [CN] is mobile turn based rpg games with japan style animation. The game animation and graphic are great. If you ever have play "Persona" games the game concept almost like that. This game used turn based rpg battle system almost like "Persona" games. In this games you can choose between male or female for main character. Also the are some slot for side character. Every character has different basic attack and soul summoner skill. Overoll 3.8/5 🌟🌟🌟 Gameplay : https://youtu.be/uO1EpKNvY4Y Recommend Games : 1) Rakshasa Street [CN] Download : Qooapp https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/11497 Taptap https://www.tap.io/app/161580 IOS Coming Soon Gameplay : https://youtu.be/J_LHjlNlpKs 2)Kalpa of Universe [CN] Download : Taptap https://www.tap.io/app/189028 Qooapp https://apps.qoo-app.com/en/app/13520 IOS http://tdj.zlongame.com/m/index.html Gameplay https://youtu.be/PVdgCC2SZxs #SakuraCityAcademy  #Turnbased #Rpg #mobilegames #櫻都學園 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS GAMES TO PLAY ON 2021: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvu5DpQfyeLr8Qw7cDh3Ik7z9cY5qDr-4 UPCOMING GAMES 2021: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvu5DpQfyeLruP_M_94iXiStsBSdv2UnS

takeru GT


bravo.., anime style rpg, well maybe want to view gameplay first before instal and play this game 👇 https://youtu.be/g7ghUeHQUAQ

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