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Shining Maiden | English

Shining Maiden | English

Shining Maiden | English



What is there to say? Cute waifus, fun gameplay, so many summons for free, skip tickets, easy to get into. This game is really good for both the casual and hardcore. Levelling is easy, raising equipment doesn't take forever nor do you have to farm for different equips. Stages are super generous with drops, especially if you can do the harder stages later. You get so much stuff just given to you in this game, you pretty much don't need to spend a dime.

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Pretty decent gacha game The graphics are cute and nice and the skill animations are pretty solid It has daily dungeons ,a tower with floors like many gacha's in the the store and give's some good rewards and labyrinth You can have 4 character's in your team and each of them give you a slot to use the available ability card's like 7DS(7 deadly sin's) And from what i have seen the community is friendly



its rare to see a game get this greedy nowadays no Free Summon very bad insentive to begginer players at the start: -no starter 10 summon -barely any currency along the way -not even the begginer players event has anything worth logging in for (1800 low tier gems for the 7th day and you need 2700 for a 10 summon...). -After you're done with the Begginer players event you're probably going to look for the monthly attendance rewards.....dont bother there only bad rewards there (barely any free gems and no summon tickets at all!!). if all of that didnt steer you away fron the game keep in mind it features both a growth package and a battle pass both are paid for ofc..... EDIT:apparently the game doesn't always give you everything in the first clear reward LOL it only gave me that 30% of the time do yourself a favor play....literally anything else.

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